JSCOT "SIPCCA" is the biggest producer of construction materials in Russia.


Joint-stock company of open type "Sebryakovsky integrated plant of chrysotile-cement articles"



LEGAL STATUS: Joint-stock company of open type



Mikhaylovka, Volgograd region, Russia


JSCOT "SIPCCA" is the biggest producer of chrysotile-cement sheets and pipes in Russia

Volgograd region is the vast steppe territory in the South-East European part of the Russian Federation, which borders with the Republic of Kalmykia and Saratov, Voronezh, Astrakhan, Rostov regions.

Mikhaylovka is founded in 1762 and located in the picturesque place near the river Medveditsa - a tributary of the Don. This is one of the Northen ares of Volgograd region. Mikhaylovka is situated at a distance of 180 km from Volgograd and at a distance of 800 km from Moscow. The highway Volgograd - Moscow passes near the town. Station Sebryakovo of Mikhaylovka town is located on the train route connecting Volgograd with the North Caucasus and Moscow. There are two largest enterprises of the building industry of the Russian Federation in Mikhaylovka - Sebryakovsky cement plant and Sebryakovsky integrated plant of chrysotile-cement articles.

city Miailovka, Russia

The history of development of enterprise:


JSCOT "SIPCCA", formed in October 1992 on the basis of the largest plant in the USSR and the Russian Federation and commissioned in November 1955, now is the main supplier of chrysotile-cement roofing sheets and pipes in Russia and CIS countries.


The enterprise produces the high-quality chrysotile-cement articles during 57 years:

  • chrysotile-cement roofing sheet SV-40-1750-7, SV-40-1750-8

  • chrysotile-cement flat sheet LP-NP-3.0*1.5-10, LP-NP - 2.0*1.5-8, LP-NP 1.0*1.5-8

  • chrysotile-cement pipes (pressure and non-pressure pipes)

  • connection sleeves

The plant produces wall concrete blocks size 390*190*188 since 1994.

  • The factory of precast concrete articles was put into service in March 2001.

  • The workshop on production of metal profiles, profiled sheeting in the summer of 2002.

  • The workshop on production of dry building mixes became part of the plant in the autumn of 2006.

Sphere of action:

Now JSCOT "SIPCCA" is one of the biggest producer of chrysotile-cement sheets - roofing and flat; chrysotile-cement pipes and wall concrete blocks for the whole of Russia and CIS countries. Sales territory is wide: more than 70 regions of Central Russia and CIS countries are customers of JSCOT "SIPCCA".




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